Curious. Compassionate. Strategic

Curious. Compassionate. Strategic
You might not think these words could exist together in one person, yet that is how I look at every challenge when it comes to human well-being in the workplace. I listen that what is being said, but also to what is not being said. I trust my instinct and my extensive experience. And mostly, I do not assume.
To me, diversity cannot exist without inclusion. And inclusion cannot be successful without equity. I will help you look at how the system works, especially for those for whom the system was not designed, to ensure we address actual needs. Together we can analysis, co-create and build sustainable solutions.
By leveraging the benefits of inclusion and diversity, I coach and advise you in improving your teams' and organization's collaboration and outcomes by promoting talent attraction, employee well-being, sustainable people management and engagement. Together, we will address your challenges related to diversity, in line with your organization's ambitions and your unique needs.
I have many years of experience in international settings, having worked in several countries and with people of many origins and backgrounds. I was fortunate to have had very inclusive managers and leaders, and others who were not so – a way to understand what doesn’t work. I have experienced large, multi-national organizations as well as super small, agile structures.
That’s what I can bring to the table, together with pertinent skills and training: certified coach, certified Diversity and Inclusion manager, certified Circular HR trainer, certified Disability Manager. In addition to a degree in Public Relations and multiple years of experience in all aspects of communication.
My goal is to help you keep your eye on your objectives, while ensuring people are engaged, and feeling valued. If you’d like to know more, or want to get in touch, please make sure to connect via LinkedIn. I look forward to speaking with you!